Friday, March 8, 2013

III Concurso de Modelismo Estático de Leganés this weekend

The first relevant miniature contest of the year in Spain will be celebrated this weekend, the "III Concurso de Modelismo Estático de Leganés", commonly known as the "Leganés Contest" for being this Madrilenian city the location for this event.

It is a contest in the Open format in which we are hoping to see many great Spanish painters and modellers. As I've been informed, in the Fantasy side of things we will be able to see lots of old friends such as Elías Alonso (morsi), Pablo López (paloji), José Manuel Palomares (JMPN), Javier González (Arsies) and all the gang of The Cursed Monkeys (Iguazzu, Piquifl), etc.

Personally, I will not fail; I will not participate in the competition because I don't have anything new to show, but I won't lose the opportunity to meet all my friends and have a good time with all the great artworks. In all probability you will be able to find me on Saturday.

As always, I hope to be able to upload numerous photos of the weekend so that all of you who won't be able to attend have something to console yourselves with.

See you in Leganés!

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