Saturday, March 9, 2013

Games Day France 2013 officially cancelled

Word is, Games Day France is officially cancelled this year 2013.

Check out this phrase in French on the GW website:

    NB : vous vous demandez sans doute pourquoi les finalistes d'Armies on Parade ne se rendent pas au Games Day comme les années précédentes. L'année 2013 ne comportera pas d'édition française du Games Day. Nous avons décidé de profiter de cette année pour remanier le Games Day et ainsi vous proposer une expérience hobby hors du commun pour la prochaine édition.

Being the important part in English:

    There will be no 2013 edition of Games Day France.

As you can see, there was only a very little note on GW's website about it. Should we expect the same about next GD cancellations? Will there be any more official announcements at all? Will we have German, Italian or UK's Games Days?

Thanks to Julien Casses for the information.

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Tuffskull said...

I'm really sorry. I think the german is dead as well. Thanks for this information!
Greetz Florian