Sunday, September 29, 2013

Golden Demon UK 2013 Results

Wow! Really really fast this time, I know! I'm doing my best this year.

Writing from the hotel, just arrived, and minutes away to going to Bugman's in Warhammer Central in Nottingham. Here are my shitty photos of the winners of GD UK 2013!

David Soper, Gold Single 40k
Pedro Souto (Lotina), Silver Single 40k
David Rodríguez (Karaikal), Bronze Single 40k
Chris Blair, Gold Unit 40k
Cedric Lurkin, Silver Unit 40k
Bronze Unit 40k
Toni Nieto, Gold Monster 40k
Marc Masclans, Silver Monster 40k
Bronze Monster 40k
Mathieu Fontaine, Gold Vehicle
Silver Vehicle
Bronze Vehicle
Camelson, Gold Single Fantasy
David Soper, Silver Single Fantasy
Conrad Mynett, Bronze Single Fantasy
Angelo Di Chello, Gold Unit Fantasy
Silver Unit Fantasy
Martin Kennedy, Bronze Unit Fantasy
Mark Lifton, Gold Monster Fantasy
Adam Skinner, Silver Monster Fantasy
Bronze Monster Fantasy
David Soper, Gold Diorama
Angelo di Chello, Silver Diorama
Pablo López Jimeno, Bronze Diorama
Bronze Duel
Gus Kearns, Silver Duel
Mark Lifton, Gold Duel
Peter Bell, Gold LOTR
David Rodriguez, Silver LOTR
Mark Taylor, Bronze LOTR
Steve Party, Gold in Open
Silver in Open
Bronze in Open

This year's Slayersword went to David Soper! Congratulations! Here's some really bad photos of the diorama. :)

David Soper's Slayersword
David Soper's Slayersword
David Soper's Slayersword

And look at this...

Nice Detail in Paloji's Diorama. Does this ring a bell?

More soon, of course, as usual... in Volomir's Blog! ;)


Mario 2012 said...

Me ha alegrado veros de nuevo y ver que la "inquisicion" tiene mucho que decir...lastima que los premios no hayan seguido pero la competicion era dura.....y la iluminacion en el al "crap"

Toosh said...

Hi Raffa, very nice to meet you at GD UK yesterday albeit briefly :)

Feel free to lift any of our photos from the Jolly Bodgers facebook page, Cheers Toosh

Ricky Upjohn's Painting Studios said...

Hi, my name is Ricky Upjohn. I won the bronze in the Duel but my name isn't there so I just thought I'd let you know who I am :)
Thank you for putting up all the winners.