Friday, September 6, 2013

Unboxing Painting Buddha Season 1.1 Supporter Set

And now for something completely different! How about unboxing the super cool Painting Buddha Season 1.1 Supporter Box?

Well, my friends, I have to tell you. This is one of the most amazing things that you may receive at home. Oh man. When I started recording this DVD I didn't know it would turn out SO NICELY.

In the blog I organized a big order for some friends so that we shared the shipping costs. Then it turned out that there were many friends interested...

I still had not received my copy of the DVDs, so we used this huge package to make that happen. Just check out my super hoopy box. It's got my name handwritten in it! Bananas and stickers for O's!

The thrill of unopened mysteries...

First glance at the box. A super big Thank you letter on top of my Painting Buddha t-shirt!

This is the close up of my letter which I received for being awesome signed by Mr. Michael Bartels himself!

Wow, that was big! Ok let's unwrap the box from the t-shirt. Here it is.

Amazing, look at the design of the box and the quality of the materials.

This is really cool. I'm not sure if I want to open it or eat it. Buddhalicious!

Take off the plastic cover and here it is. The Buddha logo is everywhere!

It's magnetic! So cool! Here's what the box contains.

First thing, a quality certificate of authenticity with a big seal of quality and supporter number. It's unique!

Then you have a big bag of buttons. There's 6 of them out of 42 different to collect! Damn I want them all!!!

One of them is actually a magnet.

There's two leaflets of very high printing quality.

How to prepare your miniatures is the first of them. Very detailed explanations! And how to do the super cool effects from Ben's base!

But not less important is to know who is behind this amazing initiative! The team!

Or the values that drive the company, essential in the sacred mission of Painting Buddha.

And here's the tin box that contains the miniatures. It's so cool that it's even sealed with the Buddha on both sides!

And the contents as expected, both miniatures and the base. Really cool cast with mold lines so tiny that you have to prime to catch them all!

All the pieces fully displayed in all their glory.

So it's time to start showing off all that new gear. My fridge is now Buddha approved!

And my backpack is increasing its neverending collection of badges. Will I get the 42 Buddha ones?

After all these goods, it's time to watch the DVD. That should require many many many hours. 6 DVDs of fully detailed painting, wow! The good (or bad) part is that I only need to watch 3 DVDs, the other 3 are not that useful to me... XD

If you don't have your copy of Painting Buddha Season 1.1 Target Identified, I strongly urge you to visit and get yours NOW because I believe that more than half the production is already gone as of today. Once the stock is gone, they are not making more!


Unknown said...

Haha, so funny :) Only letter I wrote with "Dear Mr. Soandso" :D

Great unboxing report, Rafa, and filming this with you was really painful.... funny :D

Martin said...

My box arrived in merry old England last week. Very high quality set and its already improved my painting. The inclusion of the minis puts it leagues ahead of the competition. Big thanks to all the team :)