Friday, June 6, 2014

Course this weekend and more on Fallen Frontiers

Just a quick post to say that I'm leaving for Almería!

Warm land of the south of Spain, with great sun and beaches. Also known for its deserts and for being the place where many spaguetti western movies were shot!

It's not the time to film another western though, it's time for one of my painting courses! It will be a weekend filled with paint, brushes and airbrushes... and of course, we will paint my Kasrkin mini! Let's see what the attendees can do in these two days. I hope to show you the results next week!

In the meantime...

The Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter is progressing very well, they are so close to being funded!! Strechgoals are coming near too and I anticipate lots of fun and also new stuff that the Scale Games team is yet to show! I'M SO EXCITED!

I'm collaborating now with the translation from Spanish to English of the beta rules set, which will be released very soon. I hope to have them ready today! I tell you... they look really promising! Also, my collaboration will trigger the opportunity to paint another one of the minis of Fallen Frontiers before the Kickstarter ends. Maybe one of the stretch goals?? I have to negotiate with them... which ones would you want to see painted?

Siklas Fenn?


Dianne Tianseen???

My god, I can't wait to put my brushes on any of these! They are SO COOL! And they will be unlocked if we reach the stretch goals... free for all backers with the appropriate pledges!!! Let's do it folks!!! I WANT THEM!

I am a Fallen Frontiers Backer. Are you???

What are you waiting for!!!


Unknown said...

btw: When Fallen Frontiers hits 2500 likes on FB, all Stretch Goals will be lowered by 5000 pounds!


canny said...

Heck yeah I'm a backer, blaze or Fenn would be great.