Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The great things you can suddenly find on your painting table

I'm back from Almeria!

But before telling you all about the weekend (which I can already say, it was great), let me show you what just arrived at my painting table!

If you are following the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter you will already know what this is about... ;)

If you are a Fallen Frontiers backer and you pledged enough to be eligible for stretch goals, this is the first one you will get. I have been given the opportunity to try and see how it will look with some colour on it. I want to achieve something close to the concept of the great Adrian Prado.

Let's see if more stretch goals are unlocked!! I want a Dianne Tianseen...


MrLee said...

The best unit and models from this kickstarter in my opinion.. love these guys! Looking forward to seeing how it gets painted up!

Anonymous said...

Awesome News, waiting on pins and needles to see your final paint job.

CMDante said...

Pledged to the KickStarter just to get those models - after seeing on this very blog :)

Looking forward to seeing how you get on painting this one up!

All the best,

Andrew (CMDante)

Dave said...

I actually like the backward facing blade, made its look more menacing for me.

Easily fixed though ;)

canny said...

Hell Yeah! Love this guy, Cant wait either to see him painted up. the Berserkers are the best looking I think.

Same Pilgrim I think I like the blade the other way too. How are the Badgers in your backyard!