Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monte San Savino 2014 Miniatures

Let's continue with some more photos of Monte San Savino. In the last post I showed you photos of the winners of the "Best of" awards. Now I will share with you photos of the rest of the pieces that could be seen over the weekend.

Since I made more than 200 photos, roaming the exhibition for around 2 hours to make them all, the post could turn out to be a little heavy. For this reason, I created an album on Volomir's Facebook to put them all there.

There were hundreds and hundreds of entries this year, and I believe that the place is going to be small if they follow this rhythm of participation increase. Even with the Stresa World Expo happening earlier this year! I could take some pictures of the Master Fantasy category, this year divided in three categories: Master Painting (any size), Master Ambient (scenes, dioramas and so on) and Master Open (sculptures and full scratch). I also took some photos of other categories, a little bit of historical and miscellaneous, which you will find in the end.

Monte San Savino 2014 Miniatures

I hope you enjoy them!

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