Thursday, November 6, 2014

Monte San Savino 2014 this weekend

It's that time of the year again. It's Monte San Savino time!

The arch-famous contest of the little village in the Tuscany is going to be celebrated this weekend. And I can't wait to see what wonders are waiting for us there!

I had a blast last year. I felt the poisonous embrace of idromele, asphixiated under mountains of delicious pasta and came back to life to the scent of fresh roasted porchetta. To those who are coming, I will definitely see you all there, and those who don't... well, we will tell you all about it when we return! ;)

Meet your painting heroes and embarass them!

Oh, and there's also miniatures there! I nearly forgot. Yeah, I have a painting demo programmed for Saturday at 17.30. I have been invited by the organization! Such a great honour. :)

Only part of last year attendees are in this photo...



Kraan said...

Fuck yeah! I will be there during the demo!

Lukas said...

Damn, I'll sadly won't make it.....

But one question arises: will it be the return of the infamous Vometir or will this monster be kept at bay by our hero Volomir? A story not unlike the tale of Dr. Jackel and Mr. Heyd.