Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best 2014 modelling blog in Spanish by Fanhammer

Continuing with the good start of the year, I just found out that Volomir's Blog (and in particular, its Spanish version "El Blog de Volomir") has been awarded best modelling blog in the recent annual edition of "Premios Fanhammer", organized by the wargaming community Fanhammer.

Last year we also had a nomination for best modelling blog but we didn't get the first place. This year it seems we hit jackpot! Of course, this is all thanks to you guys who are always behind the screen reading this humble space of the web. THANK YOU ALL!

In this link you can check the complete list of categories and winners.

The question I have now is: what about the already traditional WAMP awards? Are there none this year? The last two years were very interesting with the competition with the Massive Voodoos! haha :)

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CMDante said...

Congratulations mate - well deserved!