Thursday, January 22, 2015

WIP: Ellyrian Reavers Part 8

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Let's work now on the golden parts. This time, I'm going to use Scale75 golden metallic paints, starting off from a basecoat of a dark brown, like Chocolate Brown or similar. This will be great for recesses and shadows because it will look like gold but matte.

On top of that matte brown, I will paint the darkest golden metal of the set. As you can see, I'm painting all the golden parts at the same time.

Hightlights on the golden parts are done with some lighter golden metallic paint.

This is how the golden parts look from another angle.

Final highligths are done with the lightest golden paint of the set. Some light spots can be painted with just Metallic Medium, or White Alchemy if you are using Scale75.

Same golds from other angles. Metallic areas are difficult to show in photographs.

Time for some darker areas, I use dark browns and also brown inks to gain intensity. It's important to be careful not to use too much ink or it will destroy the matte effect in the shadows. It should stay a little satin, but not too much.

View from the front.

That should be all on the metallic parts. Let's move on to the skin of the elves.

Here's how the skin looks without any paint on. It's funny to notice how the rest is painted, but the face and hands aren't. A lot of people like to start painting skin the first thing, I left it for last this time!

Base skin overall. Important to see how the eye wasn't completely covered. I left the recess with the grey of the priming coat so that it would serve to outline it.

First highlights with the next skintone, slightly paler.

Instead of highlighting more now, I will paint first shadows and then go back to the next lights. The order is not that important, and will help me control the contrast.

Painting the eyes makes a big difference. They are subtle but extremely important.

Some stronger and slightly red skin tones in shadow parts make the face alive, as well as the paint in the lips.

One part I haven't painted yet is the feathered helmet of the captain, which is heavily inspired by the Polish Hussars (just inspired, as the Polish had two lines of feathers).

I wasn't sure about the colour, but I tried the slightly violet red that I've been using for these elves in other occasions, and I think it looks good so I will just add some depth to it. First, a wash of violet ink, to get an intense violet tone in all the recesses.

Now I start hightlighting parts of the feathers with a slightly lighter red (mixed with Space Wolves Grey so it turns out to be a little pink, desaturated red).

I insist on the lighting, with even more Spave Wolves Grey.

Some final lights with a lot of Space Wolves Grey (still some red in it too).

I finally recover the colour by going over some of the lightest tones with the initial pink.

All that is missing is that metallic part that holds all the feathers over the helmet.

Seems like we are really close to the end, let's see a quick pic of all the Reavers together!

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Rog said...

Excelentes! Gracias por compartir, un saludo! :)

CMDante said...

Fantastic stuff mate - going to be one seriously bad ass looking army when it's finished! Every unit a competition worthy piece! Bravo! :-)