Monday, May 18, 2015

Golden Demon 2015 first news?


I received a photo of this unverified Golden Demon ticket which, if it's not part of a hoax or a joke, would confirm that there will be a Golden Demon this year, and that it will be in the new Warhammer World in Nottingham.

So if this is true, it would confirm my last year predictions since I was pretty convinced that the next Golden Demons would take place in the Warhammer World that was being remodelled at the time.

And also, judging by the picture it seems like there will be some changes to categories (ticket shows category "Tanks"). Anyone has more information?


Unknown said...

Not sure what to think about this just yet. I can see the logic behind it and I think it may work a lot better than Coventry did but Im wondering how many themed events there will be...

Anonymous said...

Nice price but a themed contest really reduces the interest level considerably and sniffles everyone's creativity massively. Luckily my entry is a tank but the closer date means I can't finish it in time. I hope this themed event is a one off never to be repeated.


Black Dagger said...

its a one off event, tanks only. not sure if the normal golden demon will even happen yet as they have said nothing. but it looks like this is it for this year. don't know for sure, some people are saying that warhammer fest will happen again with the main golden demon event. gives us no time to plan entrys or paint. I've started painting a single miniature hope i get to enter it into something

John Schley said...

Here is an update on the New Golden Demon Awards 2015 2016 as per their website. It explains a little but no other dates.