Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The slow and painful death of Golden Demon?

This post is no longer valid... news from this afternoon reveal that there will be a classic Golden Demon UK in 2015! Read all about it here:

I will leave this post for historical reasons! Read it at your own discretion. :)

As you know, Games Workshop has unveiled its plans for the next edition of Golden Demon. I posted all about it at the beginning of the week, you may have seen it already. If not, check this link to the Warhammer World website, where they announce the new event.

Basically, Games Workshop has decided to chop its most important, traditional and legendary hobby contest into little pieces. It seems like there will be one small event per category, and these will be held in the brand new Warhammer World. For now, only the first one of these small contests has been announced: Tanks. Presumably this will be similar to the traditional Golden Demon "Vehicle" category, with the difference that this will be the only category in the contest.

The good Golden Demons of old, never to come back?

Some may see this is as a great idea. Games Workshop moves the event to the Warhammer World, a fixed location, right in their HQ, saving tons of money in logistics and rent. However the space is not big enough for a whole traditional Games Day, or as it seems, even a Golden Demon. So what they do is limit the number of participants (I've heard that there's going to be a maximum number of around 450, but I have to confirm that) and offer just one category with cheaper tickets to participate (10 pounds which is way less than the usual Games Day ticket).

International painters gatherings where one of the coolest things of GDs

Well... if it is confirmed that this is what has become of our beloved Golden Demon... great move Games Workshop. You have finally finished destroying your greatest contest. What once was an incredible display of creativity, miniatures, paintjobs and nerds from all over the world, is now a contest which doesn't even rival that of a small local store. Why would a painter from outside the UK pay for travels and accommodation to attend an event where you can only compete in the Tanks category?

I am extremely disappointed. You all know how big of a Golden Demon fan I am, I've participated for around ten years of my life, at least once every year (sometimes I went to three GDs in different countries). Now, not only I can't go to a Golden Demon in my country, but it isn't even worth traveling to the UK to attend the big one, because it doesn't exist anymore. Now you offer small local contests to painters who live close enough to Nottingham to justify paying for the transportation. Thank you for caring so much about us.

Golden Demon has been a very important part of my life

I usually never talk too much in the blog about Games Workshop's moves in the miniature market. For one, because this is a blog about miniatures, not financials. Also, because I find it extremely depressing how such a huge company that has meant so much to many people has been slowly dying of stupidity. But now I am pissed, very pissed. This is not even reasonable, not a bit.

I'm afraid this is the end of Golden Demon for me. I had hoped I never got to say this... but I have no other choice. I really wish Games Workshop decides to change its course, in many ways. But its been too long and it seems they don't care at all. I don't see this company surviving in this market, with the little care they show to their fans.

An moment maybe never to be repeated :'(

Seriously, it wasn't that difficult... one full Golden Demon in the UK a year. Was that too much to ask?

Hope is the last thing we should lose... maybe we'll get lucky and they will surprise us with a real GD in the future. Or maybe not?


Unknown said...

Gutted. GW don't think there will be a LOTR category anymore either which obliterates any chance i ever had of winning a demon as its the only thing i paint.

Anonymous said...

Tbh games workshop destroyed golden demon last year for me, unable to attend as they no longer provided a coach to the event from my local gw as they only had one person working in the shop and were too bothered about the shop having to close than support their loyal customers

Gonewild40k said...

Games Workshop has definitely left a vacuum gutting Golden Demon competitions similar to the competitive 40k/Fantasy tournament scene in the U.S.

That tournament vacuum made room for events such as Adepticon, Nova Open, Las Vegas and Bay Area Open, and 11th Company GT.

I think that ultimately the same could happen for modelling and painting- private citizens not affiliated with Games Workshop stepping in and taking over the competition- a lot of work, but, could be well worth it in the long run.

Robert said...

There are plenty of alternatives, if that is of any comfort. Several european shows have painting classes in their contests to cater for WH and similar figures. Never nice to see a good thing die, but that is inevitable.
It would be worse if there were no alternatives.