Saturday, February 6, 2016

Newsflash: Golden Demon 2016 May 14-15 confirmed

During the Horus Heresy Weekend at Warhammer World today, and during the celebration of the last "mini" Golden Demon (this one for Horus Heresy models only), Games Workshop has finally (finally!!!) announced their plans for a classic Golden Demon.

The long awaited event by many like me is happening definitely this year.

It is confirmed to be celebrated during the Warhammer Fest, on the weekend of May 14-15. There's probably more details coming tomorrow about the whole event but for now this is the official confirmation that I have and it is 100% certain.

Thanks to Max and his friend for the pic!

Golden Demon fans rejoice! The last time we heard news from a classic Golden Demon was on May last year. From that moment on, it has all been about rumours and unofficial information. It took them quite some time to make it official but it is finally here.

I am quite interested in seeing what is going to happen with all the important changes that have happened in Games Workshop lately. I'll certainly try to make it happen and be there, and maybe even enter something of my own. It's very exciting to have a Golden Demon again!

More on this soon!

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