Monday, July 4, 2011

GD Spain 2011 Great Scale and Open

Last photos of Golden Demon Spain 2011. Great Scale and Open categories.

A Kislev renegade modelled by Antonio Fernández Lizaso (piquifl) and painted by Iguazzu.

High Elf.

FW's Eldar.

An Eldar Ranger by beren.

An Imperial Inquisitor.

A Tau Firewarrior painted by Damek.

Imperial Priest on horseback.

A demon eating a soldier by zwo and Pablo Ronda.

Scratch by Petrus.

Catachan by Ariakas.

Sigmar on his throne.

Space Wolf bust, by Jose Manuel Palomares (JPMN). Gold in Great Scale.


KyleM said...

Pfft!! That SW bust by JMPN is Amazing!!! Do you know who sculpted it?

Rafael García Marín said...

The sculpture is Freeman's (Joaquin Palacios)

KyleM said...

Thanks Mate. I thought it would be him. :) So awesome!

Anonymous said...

It is "Viking Fury" by Andrea miniatures bust resculpted like a SW