Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WIP: Death Korps of Krieg Army part 2

Previously on... WIP: Death Korps of Krieg Army

We continue with more material from 2009.

This photo shows all the miniatures together to show you that I was painting all at the same time, not just the two guards you can see in the previous pictures.

And the madness continues...

At this point I painted the insides of their coats and cuffs. I painted them in a black base and then I dotted various shades of gray (just adding some basic white to black) to get the lights, rensembling some sort of black leather. This must be done carefully, with an old brush which is no longer of use and taking care of the quantity and dillution of the paint. We must be careful with this step, if we take too much paint with the paintbrush, we will be painting instead of dotting, and that's not what we want. We want to paint small dots, but we do not want the paint to be too thick, we must find the right balance. Once I put the lights I gave a quick wash of Black Ink and some Dark Angels Green Ink and also bit of blue to tone the colour to the rest of the miniature. The inks will give the proper brightness to the cloth so it looks like leather. We can paint little cuts in the fabric which always look good in leather. Finally, with the grey that I used for the lights I outline the edges of the fabric by giving intermittent strokes to leave a dashed line instead of a continous outline, perfect for this type of texture. This step took about 15 minutes per miniature.

I took pictures of all the models one by one so they can be appreciated better (those photos far away of all the troops where not as good as they could be).

From now on, everything I'll post is current updated work!

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