Monday, May 30, 2011

Golden Demon France 2011 Photos (Units, Diorama and Open)

As I said, I took many photos of the miniatures in the contest. I'll divide all the photos I have into 4 different parts. Today, photos from Fantasy Unit, 40k Squad, Diorama and Open categories.

Here's a pretty bust of an orc shaman.

This unit of trolls has great colours, reminds me of the one from my friend Piti! Remember last year's Bronze in Fantasy Unit GD Spain? Well this one was bronze too.

This elf is a great sculpt and the pose and composition is awesome. Bronze in Open by Olivier Bredy.

Nice traitor guard squad. Silver in 40k squad.

Space Marines! Attack! Bronze in 40k squad.

Shitty photos, this piece deserved better pics from me... it looked great in the contest!

Terminator bust. Silver in Open.

Awesome space wolf bust.

Very bad pic of this unit of dreadnought goblins. Gold in 40k squad.

Very nice dio. But very bad pics from me!

The great Imperial Guard Commissar by my friend ARI-A-KAS from Spain. No awards but the miniature is wonderful.

A picture from far away of Remy Tremblay's Slayersword.


It's a trap!

Love the colours of this Krieg Centaur. But it's not the first time I see this one I think.

Check out the window on this one! Amazing.

Weird digital effects on this space marines.

Astaroth and friends.

Space Hulk squad.

Bad pic of the bloodletters. They got the Gold in Fantasy Unit.

A team of Dark Elves for Bloodbowl. Silver in Fantasy Unit.

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Warflake said...

Just simply fantastic work right there. You can't fault any of those at all. All picture perfect.