Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Golden Demon France 2011 First Impressions

I'm back from Paris! What a great weekend I had. It's true that I didn't enter competition this time, and its quite strange specially because I travelled using the GD as an excuse, but anyway, without the pressure of having to present something to the contest, I had more than enough time to enjoy the city and its pleasures.

I'm travelling a lot lately...

Regarding our shared interest, the Golden Demon once again proved to be a great contest. The general level in France is very very high and this results in great competition. We may miss some of the greatest names France has given us, but new generations are also offering great proposals.

The slayersword went this time to Remy Tremblay, very well deserved, for his Skaven Diorama "The 13th Hour" (amazing). He posted photos of details in his blog:

"THe 13th Hour" Slayersword winner France 2011 (R.T.ART)
"The 13th Hour" Details (R.T.ART)

I have many many photos of miniatures in the contest and some stories to tell. I'll put them all in order and post them so you can catch a glimpse of this year's GD in France.

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