Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do Not Miss: August 2011

A lot of activity this month! Seen on the internet on August 2011:

  • The Return of the Warlord by Matt Cexwish: This is the massive article written for Massive Voodoo by Matt Cexwish, presenting his last and unique creation which got him the Slayersword this year on GD Germany. Can't say much to describe this one, just take a look and read carefully if you haven't done it yet. You'll find a whole different approach and a lot of fresh air brought into miniature painting which is certainly something else.

  • World Expo 2011: This month filled with events on the hobby we had the pleasure to see (others more than me...) the most important event about miniautres, the World Expo (WE of Historical Miniatures). This event is celebrated every 3 years and its the most important one of the world about historical miniatures and contains a Fantasy section which is becoming more and more relevant. In the post I wrote about it you can find photos of the winner of the Best of Show in fantasy and more information about the event. Now we'll just have to wait for the next one!

  • How to do bases for squads and units: This tutorial explains how to do scenic bases for units or squads for about 12 miniatures or so. If you don't have much idea on how to do something like this, now you can learn with the guys from Chest of Colors. And if you already knew how to, I'm sure you'll find something useful.

  • Hellenika by Roberto Chaudon: This is a new release from Kabuki Models in 54 mm, a very interesting sculpt of a female spartan warrior. Very appealing.

  • Jean Bart Corsair by Romeo Models: Impressive release by Romeo Models, a Corsair in 54mm which is very paintable and the sculpture is just delicious.

  • Nagausith by MIKH: This is an awesome new release in 30mm from Banelegions (Maelstrom Games) sculpted by MIKH. The sculpt is simply breathtaking and the idea of the dragon wing banner is nothing I've seen before.

  • Ork Warboss by Silphid (Slayersword Chicago 2011): This is the entry which was awarded the Slayersword in GD Chicago 2011. It's the return to painting of Silphid, one of the artists that inspired me when I began in this hobby. I am most certainly happy that he is back in action. What a great piece!

  • Mortio Grulgor by Todd Swanson: This Nurgle Space Marine won Gold in Single 40k in GD Chicago 2011. Good composition and colour on this one, the worms are very creepy!

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