Friday, August 12, 2011

Galadriel, Lady of Light

I decided to paint this version of Galadriel in a night ambience, focusing on a light coming from the ring in her hand and the rest of the scene in twilight. There are many many versions of Galadriel painted already so it's not easy to find a new concept for het. Even so, I painted her because I am very much used to paint something the night before a GD, and this year I had nothing to paint before the spanish GD. My friend Elias Alonso gave me this Galadriel, a miniature which I love from the LOTR line, and I tried to do my best in the time I had. I am very satisfied with her, and now she will become part of Elias' private collection. I am sure that I will paint some other one in the future.

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C. Hardy said...

finaly I really think she's superb!! (it was too much far to judge correctly ^^ ) ! I wasn't seen freehand!

very nice nuances on the face

still a great job ! ;)

Rafael García Marín said...

Thanks Christian! Yours was also mindblowing! Really really nice Galadriel! I hope we can coincide again in some other category in the future, looking forward to that my friend! :) And congrats on your painting, you have extraordinary skills. I want to see more from you!

KyleM said...

I like it! Like you said.. everyone has painted a Galadriel, that it is almost impossible to paint one without it looking similar to another one. But I think you succeeded, it looks pretty original to me.

Do you think that having the owl on the tree may have led to you not getting a prize with it? Correct me if it is different in the Spanish GD, but I thought you were not allowed to mix Fantasy/40k parts with LotR for entries?

Rafael García Marín said...

Thanks Kyle! I'm sure I will paint another because it's a very beautiful mini and a pleasure to paint.
About the owl, yes, I think it could have been decisive in Spain because it is against the rules to use pieces out of the lotr range, but I really didn't care much, I painted this one for fun and I'm not sad it didn't win anything. I took her with me to Germany, and realized that about the owl, so I took it out to enter competition in Germany and still didn't win anything, my friend Borja Garcia won Gold (you can see his miniature here: I think it looks much much better with the owl so I'm not going to enter competition in GD anymore with her. Anyway, I think LOTR category is very much like a lottery, you never know who is going to win. I've never won anything in LOTR category!