Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Golden Demon Germany 2011: Back home!

The spanish armada is back home now. We can report that we had an awesome time in Köln! Always a pleasure to visit german lands. Here are some photos of the trip:

Great Dom of Köln!

The legendary "Bergo", Borja Garcia Gold in LOTR

It's true what they say about Central European weather

Should've brought an umbrella today...

Recruited by the Imperial Guard!

Shit, that's what I call an ORK!!

About the contest, another great Golden Demon. This time the sword went to Matt Cexwish (something we kind of predicted because we knew what he was building since he told us in GD France). I made very very shitty photos of minis there so I prefer to put you a link to some proper photos by GW:

Photos on ST Forum linked from GW Facebook

Yet I found some photos about the award ceremony:

Waiting for the sword...

URKUNDE? What is that supposed to mean?

This photo is because I won Silver on Warhammer 40.000 Einheit (which would be 40k Squad) with the Korps of Krieg at Ease unit, part of my future Krieg Army (you can see I am serious about my armies thing!). I will post photos of it soon and also about the Galadriel which though she didn't get anything, I am very happy about her and she will be now forming part of the private collection of Elias Alonso, as I traded her for his Skaven-Villager duel.

And thus my GD 2011 season ends! I will start work on new stuff very soon because even though I am travelling to US for a whole month in September, painting does not stop! Stay tuned!!


Tyr said...

Congrats on the Silver in 40k Squad. My squad just failed to make it(Dark angels on mirror display plate). But I can be proud, that I failed to win from such a good painter :-D.

Rafael García Marín said...

Thanks for your kind words Tyr! I didn't have much time to go through all the entries carefully so I don't remember yours, I'm so sorry :S

MeneerPascal said...

Greatly done, sir! Was stunned by the scheme. Too bad I missed you, really wanted to meet, get some pointers maybe even (40K single: Death Korps Rider). Weeeell...maybe next year huh?
Congrats again!

Rafael García Marín said...

What a pity Dims! Would have loved to! I am going to paint some Krieg riders starting soon I presume, maybe that can help in the meantime? :) Next year if I'm there for sure, just look for the guy in the yellow shirt!