Monday, October 31, 2011

Do Not Miss: October 2011

Seen in the internet on October 2011:

  • The Summoner by Cris and Piquifl: Arsies (Javier González) is not the only one painting at home. His wife, Cris, is a very talented painter, something she has always shown us since I know them. This is a very pretty piece, converted by Piquifl and painted by Cris. I Love her Craft! (Get it?) :P

  • Buster Crabbe (Kings Road miniatures) by Remy Tremblay: Kings Road is a miniature company that is releasing pieces which are different to what we are used to, and I love them for this. Look at this new future release sculpted by Remy Tremblay. Really something else!

  • Making scenery with Emmanuel Nouaillier: This tutorial about creating buildings from the start of the 20th century is simply awesome, it's amazing what this guy can do with a bit of plasticard and featherboard. And some good painting of course!

  • El Flautista by Jesus Martín: Second version of the Nocturna Models new release, El Flautista. I really love the miniature and the painting is superb.

  • Valhallan Diorama by Guilliman: I really like this diorama, specially the sculpting part, very well deserved award. It's not my style of painting though, very plain GW colouring without contrast. I would have loved to paint the diorama in a very different way but even so, it's a great scene and a lot of work put into it.

  • Stephan Rath tutorial on his Khemri standard: This article from Stephan Rath (aka Derwish) explains his approach on painting freehands. Chek out how he painted the famous Khemri standard that was awarded Gold in GD Germany 2011. A must! The bad part is that it's written in German.

  • Knightmodels new releases (at zwoart studio): Knightmodels releases a new set of stunning miniatures this month. Did I mention I fell in love with the stormtroopers?

  • Color warz serie 1 by Remy Tremblay These new figurines sculpted by Remy are simply a beauty. They are for a boardgame soon to be released. I don't know about the game but if the rules are half as good as these miniatures, oh my!

  • Building the lamps on Frutti di Mare: This is a tutorial on how Robert (a.k.a. Muhani from Massive Voodoo) built his lamps for the diorama called Frutti di Mare. I'm sure you know about this outstanding diorama but this tutorial is great if you want to build some lamps for yourself.

  • Batalla por Teutoburgo: Rafa Coll shows us in his blog the latest release from Historic Art Models. A fantastic diorama about Roman Empire times sculpted by Benoit Cauchies and painted by Jesús Martín.

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