Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Golden Demon Australia 2011

While I am still trying to readjust to normal routine, news came to my ears that this past weekend Golden Demon Australia was celebrated in that distant part of the world. Well, I want to talk about this contest because a good friend of mine won the Slayersword there.

Congratulations KYLE!!

I am so very happy for him! This is his winner miniature:

I also want you to see this banshee, painted once again by the grand master Sebastian Archer (automaton), another great friend of ours. See with your own eyes.

I have to shamefully admit that Golden Demon UK was celebrated during September and because I was completely disconnected from the world, I couldn't really follow the news about it. I may talk about this contest soon because there is a lot of controversy regarding this year's choice for the SlayerSword and some judge decisions are being heavily questioned (this is not really something new but there is a lot of talk going on about this).


Lycanthropica said...

was great to see these IRL. Congrats to Kyle, it's a great mini and he was by far the most entertaining person when accepting his award. Yay Australia

KyleM said...

Yay Raffa! I am so happy I have finally made it on to your blog! :)

Thansk for the nice words. I will make sure to send you some nice pictures of the Warboss when I get around to it.

Thanks! Also you must know, your yellow armoured Ork was one of the inspirations for me wanting to paint an Ork for GD. So thanks for painting! And I know you have a Black Reach Warboss you are planning on doing for GD in the future, I look forward to seeing it!

Rafael García Marín said...

Congratulations again my friend. One of the swords that have made me the most happy, I wish I was down there to go celebrate. Hope to see you very soon so we can drink and sing to the new Swordmaster!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Congrats kyle! this ork is fantastic, great piece, great sword :)
and tnx to Volomir for sharing
cheers from Rome

Mr. Mahon said...

Congratulations, Kyle!

Unfortunately this event didn't manage to avoid sad incidents - somebody (a customer?) entered Bohun's miniature in the contest, most likely to make him a nice surprise... and won a demon.

It's sad that people don't ask the painters before doing such things, because such incidents can cast shadow on the painter's reputation. I believe most of us know Bohun wouldn't resort to a cheap trick like this to win a demon without being present at the Golden Demon competition... but such things happen - for example I remember two units painted by Ana entered into GDs and both winning trophies, but none of them with her knowledge and consent. Moreover, one of them under the collector's name, not hers. The other one we managed to fix and the award was revoked and given to the next winner.

How much longer will such things keep happening?

Did it happen to any of you before?

KyleM said...

Well Mahon, this situation has actually affected me directly before! In 2009, someone entered Karol Rudyk's miniatures into the Chicago GD. I place silver behind him, in 2 of the categories.... it was only about a week later when the story was uncovered.

But I dont blame anyone except for the person who has entered the miniature in the contest. It isn't GW's fault because they have not known at the time, and its not the actual painters fault either. The GD contest has just been judged and what the judges believe are the best models won on that day.

I just think its just morally wrong that there are people out there that would do this to win a Demon. Or even if they don't know the rules, and think its ok to enter someone else's work. It is still wrong to enter a miniature without asking the original painter's permission.

Anyways... thanks for the congratulations! :)

Mr. Mahon said...

Oh, Kyle, sorry to hear it happened to affect you, too.

You're 100% right that it's morally unfair, and it is also my take on the issue. If one of the rules is that you have to be present at the event to enter the contest, it is a rule. If entering on behalf of other people was acceptable, it would totally change the character of the contest. Now it takes additional effort and expenses to participate in a GD because of the requirement to be there personally.
So if one could enter the contest without having to go there, it wouldn't make much sense to organize more than 1 international GD for everyone to enter.
But with the rules as they are now, entering somebody else's work (with their consent or not) is unfair to people who made the effort of attending to the GD and to those who didn't participate because their presence would be necessary. Plus it's not quite fair to the author, whose reputation may be put at risk.

And I think nobody assumes that GW can keep track of all the painters, styles and miniatures in the world, so nobody can blame them for not catching such incidents immediately.

Anyway, congrats on a well deserved trophy. Well done!