Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Do Not Miss: July 2012

This is the most interesting stuff I've seen in the internet on July 2012:


Anonymous said...

Refused? Why?

Muskie said...

Us non-spaniards can't see GW Spain's web page. They redirct us to a global landing page, where I guess we could try to pretend to be Spanish.


Rafael García Marín said...

Yeah, if you want to enter that page you have to pretend you are spanish in the global landing page... haha

There are different theories as to why this guy refused the trophy. Some say its because he believes that his mini was not worth of a gold (for obvious reasons). Others say its because there were so many people protesting against that decision that he decided to decline as his way of accepting the will of the people. I don't know... tough stuff.