Monday, July 9, 2012

WIP: Boromir 75 mm Part 1

I'm going to start painting this amazing piece, one which I fell in love with the time I saw it. My good friend Piti gave it to me and now I will start painting it as I promised him.

You may be wondering why I like this miniature so much. Well, for starters, because it's absolutely brilliant. To continue, because it's Boromir, and you just have to take a look at my nickname to understand that there is a special love for this character. To illustrate this better, I'll show you this photo taken at the end of 2001...

I guess you can understand it better now, don't you? XD Yes... at that time, I had just turned 16, and those fabulous movies where aired for the first time, and a group of friends decided to be super nerdy (something which if you think right now is geeky, imagine 10 years ago) and we went to see the movies with these outfits. Please do not miss my super cute sixteen year old face...

Is there anyone in this room free of sin? :) So after showing my deepest secrets, it's time to start! ;)

These are all the pieces on the table, just out of the box.

After cleaning mould lines and polishing with steel wool (god I hate that shit...)

A super fun bath with soap and water to get the dirt off.

And time to dry! This one's a classic now. Drying in my towel! haha

I begin building up. First glue the left leg, drilling and pinning, and covering the gaps with putty.

Making sure the miniature fits well together is not easy, I have to sand off some of the fits to make it all match.

This one I nearly destroyed entirely.

The key here is in the left arm, the left leg and the clothes of the back part. If all of this fits, we got it.

This is all I have glued before painting. The rest of the pieces will be painted separately for better comfort (shield, head, horn, sword and sheath.

And this is how it looks like once its all glued together (the pieces I want to leave loose are just put together with some blu tack to see how they fit together). I love this model!

Stay tuned for this and more WIPs to come!


Mr. Mahon said...

Now after looking at the 2001 photo I find it obvious that the model was sculpted to look just like you!

Gotta love the Legolas costume. Or isn't it Legolas next to Gandalf? :)

Excellent model, looking forward to the next parts of this article!

Anonymous said...

love the mini :)
you're the same age as me then, and we too went to see the movie in costumes.. ^^

Rafael García Marín said...

Really ethelie?? Cool!! Who were you?? I want to see pics!! :)

Anonymous said...

well of course :) I was a general elf, no one special from the movie.
I don't think anyone has pics, it was the time before phones with cameras and facebook ;)
it was winter, middle of the night and freezing cold so the cloak came well in handy.