Thursday, July 5, 2012

Golden Demon Spain 2012 Results

Some days have passed since the contest and we are starting to see lots of photos, comments of all type, and I promised you all a good post about the event. Well here it is! First of all, a good compilation of photos taken from different blogs and forums (spanish-team, chupapinceles...), with the winners and the not-so-winners of the event:

Gold in Single 40k. No words...
Silver in Single 40k. Elías Alonso.
Bronze in Single 40k. Cristian Hardy. Deserved better!
Gold in 40k Squad. Michael Delacroix.
Silver in 40k Squad. Jaume Tugas.
Bronze in 40k Squad.
Gold in 40k Monster. Elías Alonso.
Silver in 40k Monster. Jaume Tugas.
Bronze in 40k Monster.
Gold in Vehicle. Manuel del Toro.
Silver in Vehicle.
Bronze in Vehicle.
Gold in Single Fantasy. I've got exactly the same conversion made!
Silver in Single Fantasy. Rubén Pérez Alonso.
Bronze in Single Fantasy. Julien Casses.
Gold in Fantasy Unit.
Silver in Fantasy Unit.
Bronze in Fantasy Unit.
Gold in Fantasy Monster. Christopher Octive.
Silver in Fantasy Monster. Fabrizio Russo.
Bronze in Fantasy Monster.
Gold in Lord of the Rings.
Silver in Lord of the Rings. Julien Casses.
Bronze in Lord of the Rings. Aitor Molero.
Gold and SLAYERSWORD in Diorama. Pablo López Jimero.
Silver in Diorama. Marc Masclans. My favourite!
Bronze in Diorama.
Gold in Duel.
Silver in Duel.
Bronze in Duel.
Gold in Open. Alfonso Giraldes.
Silver in Open. Matteo Murelli.
Bronze in Open. Manuel del Toro. An authorized copy of my ork! :)
And after the winners, here are nearly all the rest of the miniatures which entered competition in Golden Demon Spain 2012.
Bronze in Open. Manuel del Toro. An authorized copy of my ork! :)
This is my Imperial Fist of which I will share better photos soon.
Eldar by Beren.
Luis Gómez Pradal.
By Rosman.
Matteo Murelli.
Diego Esteban
Borja García (fenix).
Arsenus Kaligar.
Funny diorama by Luis Alonso.
Slayer Dwarf in 54 mm by Fabrizio Russo.
Playing with perspective by Arkira.
José María Arnáiz (Piti).
Modelled by Pablo Ronda and painted by Beren.
Judging the photos now you can get a better idea of the event. The level and quantity of miniatures was much less than the past year. Changing its location to Barcelona has resulted in more foreigners coming to the event, but also many spaniards decided not to come because of that. The very sad thing was comparing the Barcelona event to the ones held in the same location a few years ago, comparisons are really bad. Regarding decisions, well I guess nothing suprising, we are used to this. Many decisions I just can't understand. Personally I think that the category in which this weird criterion to decide winners has been the most obvious is Single 40k. The awards in that category simply make no sense and everyone was very surprised about it. And about the sword... in my opinion the best miniature of the contest was Marc Masclan's giant diorama because it was the best in all aspects (except the commercial one for GW I guess). The Slayersword to Paloji is also very much deserved, of course, he made a very good diorama with tons of work put on it, but I personally would have given it to Marc. Anyway, big congratulations to Pablo López (paloji) for his amazing Slayersword!! He deserves it very much. Many years he has been the one losing because of bad luck and decisions, and now luck was with him!

All in all, the best of the weekend by far was the dinner the day before the event. Possibly the best painter's dinner that I have ever attended. You can't miss it next year!

And of course... SPAIN WON EURO 2012!!!

GD Spain, see you next year!


Unknown said...

Nce report, I agree that the quality against last year was less, and some of the decisions of the judges are hard to understand.

chris/monkeyman7x said...

What can i say man?!? this was such an amazing weekend! Thank you for everything!!! Roll on GDUK :D

MeneerPascal said...

Seriously, that 40K Single result? No F*ing way! This relly blows my mind. I can clearly see some top notch blending skills on that Space Marine, but there is absolutely NO work on the base.
As you state, I think the Bronze entry should have deserved WAY much better.
Thanks for the pics by the way! Lots of inspiration :)

Harald said...

Thanks for posting the pics.
GD was great, but i expected a higher level with the miniatures.
Anyways, the painters dinner was awesome (was singing feliz cumpleanos, while i waited for the metro late night...).

Hopefully see you again.

Harald aka moses

-Matt Cexwish- said...

Wonderful Review on a Superb Event... I am amazed...:D... Thank you very much for your Efford and hopefully see you in August on the German GD...;)...

idPainters said...

Cheers for all the pictures.. Very odd judging indeed. without seeing them irl is hard to comment as pictures can hide alot of details. But that giant looks spot on.
Congratulations to all the winners..
Your imperial fist is really nice by the way.