Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Help me update Demonwinner! (part 2)

I knew I could count on you guys! The response has been massive! Just past Monday I received a ton of messages of people who wanted to help with information they had. Seriously, thank you all!

So far, I managed to update and complete GD Japan 2012 and GD USA 2012. I have been adding some other minor updates but not complete contests. What I realized is that with so many messages and links to stuff, it's getting overwhelming to do the updates. So I thought of the best approach for the updates.

If you know of any photo/miniature that is not posted in DemonWinner, send me an email with the photo to my email (volomir at gmail dot com). But wait! Don't do it yet! I need you to name it properly so I can process it easily. :)

The name of the file for the photo should follow this template:
Each parameter means something to me:

  • country: obviously the country of that GD, from this list:
    • uk
    • usa
    • germany
    • france
    • italy
    • australia
    • spain
    • japan
  • year: the 4 digits of the year, if the GD it was this year it would be "2013"
  • category: the category in which it won. It can be one of these:
    • singlefantasy
    • unitfantasy
    • monster
    • single40k
    • squad40k
    • monster40k
    • vehicle
    • duel
    • diorama
    • lotr
    • open
    • youngbloods
  • position: it can be gold, silver or bronze, but use a number instead, so 1 would be gold, 2 would be silver and 3 would be bronze.
  • namesurname: name and surname (or surnames) altogether, without weird characters or anything

For example, let's say you want to send me a photo of my Dragon who won Gold in Monster Fantasy in Germany 2013 (don't bother, it's already updated obviously). This would be the filename: germany_2013_monster_1_rafaelgarciamarin.jpg

Easy, right? It's a little bit of effort on your part, I know, but it's extremely useful for me and it doesn't take that much time!

I am still mainly missing these contests:

    • Golden Demon UK 2012
    • Golden Demon UK 2013
    • Golden Demon USA 2013
    • Golden Demon Australia 2012
    • Golden Demon Germany 2012 (Only the photos)
    • Golden Demon Germany 2013
    • Golden Demon Italy 2012
    • Golden Demon Italy 2013
    • Golden Demon Japan 2013
Help me glorious painting community, you are our only hope!

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