Monday, December 9, 2013

Help me update Demonwinner!

You might remember that I took over the management and updating tasks for the website Demonwinner, a very cool initiative which serves as the ultimate database for Golden Demons all over history.

My plans for this website were big, I was working on redoing the whole site so that it would be renewed and updated to nowadays web standards. Actually, I did begin working on it earlier this year, and spent quite some time rethinking everything.

However, the current situation of Games Days and Golden Demons all over the world destroyed my motivation completely to work on this project, and as of now I have to say that everything is on halt until further notice, and under serious risk of not being restarted because of the constant attempts of GW to destroy their flagship event.

Even so, hope is the only thing that should never fade. For this reason, and to prevent this great initiative from being forgotten forever, I am going to update all the contests that took place in 2012 and 2013 and that still haven't been updated in the old site. And for that...

Painters and Golden Demon lovers of the world, I summon thee! I need you all to point me to sites which have information, names and photos of winners for the following contests:

    • Golden Demon UK 2012
    • Golden Demon UK 2013
    • Golden Demon USA 2012
    • Golden Demon USA 2013
    • Golden Demon Australia 2012
    • Golden Demon Germany 2012 (Only the photos)
    • Golden Demon Germany 2013
    • Golden Demon Italy 2012
    • Golden Demon Italy 2013
    • Golden Demon Japan 2012
    • Golden Demon Japan 2013

So if you happen to have any information you can share, please contact me! You can send me emails, facebook messages, comment here... anything!

Golden Demons may die in the future, but its true spirit still lives on in our hearts. I think it would be cool to at least have the database up to date.

Help me glorious painting community, you are our only hope!


Unknown said...

Need to keep this site alive. I wish I had taken more photos when i was at GB GD this year. But they were furiously taking pictures of tons of minis. It might be worth approching GWs official photographer? Good luck, mtfbwya

Black Dagger said...

I will help where i can as i did before. I have a lot of love for that site. i sent you some links to your coolminiornot inbox a while ago. Think you need to clear your inbox as it said it was full and unable to recive any more messages.

Rafael García Marín said...

Use my email! :)

I have just deleted all the stuff in the cmon account anyway.