Thursday, December 19, 2013

Painting Buddha Seasons 1.2 and 1.3 announced!

Good news for all of us Painting Bruddhas!

Painting Buddha is announcing the next two grand releases in their series of DVD tutorials. As of now, we had Season 1.1 Target Identified (I'm sure you all now that I took part in that one). That one was a 6 DVD set in which you could see how Ben Komets and I painted a little scene, each one using different tecniques (wet blending versus airbrush/layering). But now the possibilities broaden with the addition of these two new sets of the first season.

First we have Season 1.2: "Freehands & Banner" with Stephan Rath

The Freehand master reveals his secrets in this unique DVD set in which he will guide us through the painting of different freehands and banner designs, carefully explained to the highest detail. Aimed for beginners and intermediate level painters! No excuses to try awesome freehands on your own anymore.

Then we have Season 1.3: "Basing Alchemy: Earth" with Matt Cexwish and Ben Komets

The first of an "elemental" series (earth, water, fire, air, iron...) around basing techniques, tips and tricks to become a basing master. Ben and Matt will guide us through this wonderful world of creativity by showing us how they make different landscapes and terrains, for showcase and for tabletop miniatures alike. Wonderful for those who need ideas and guides to create awesome terrains! I know I will benefit a lot from it!

I'm really excited for these new sets to be released! Check out or because early "beards" will get good discounts before the new sets are released around February. My personal recommendation: don't miss the opportunity while it lasts!

And also, very good news to all Spanish speakers: these new DVDs will also be subtitled in Spanish by no other than the mighty, the greatest, the wonderful and unique... me! :) Yes my friends, you won't see my face this time but I will be the mastermind behind the translation of everything Stephan, Ben and Matt say in these ones. Crazy subtitling days ahead!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing - we enjoyed it :D The amount of support we receive from all of you out there is mindblowing.

Thank you Rafa and THANK YOU ALL :)