Monday, April 4, 2011

Crystal Brush 2011 Results

The long awaited Crystal Brush contest has finally taken place this weekend in Chicago's Adepticon. Great contest and great prizes, and here are the three winners! (photos from coolminiornot)

Marike Reimen, 1st prize

Her miniature, overall Crystal Brush Winner.

Jakob Nielsen, second prize

His miniature, strange concept.

Alfonso Giraldes, 3rd prize (with Diego Esteban)

Their miniature, a heavily converted giant.

Congratulations to all! Special mention to my friends Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee) and Diego Esteban (dieguete) for their wonderful giant and their most deserved prize. We are very proud guys!! Come back so we can have some free beers with the money you won!! :D

Let's hope that next year we can see another edition of this great contest with such great prizes and see if I can make it to Chicago even though it's quite far away from Spain!

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The Independent Characters said...

As good as your pictures are - they don't do justice to the 1st prize winners model in person. It was truly impressive and the lace top was incredible.