Thursday, April 28, 2011

WIP: High Elves Sea Guard part 8

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Let's start now with the work on the banner.

First of all, we need to have a clear thought of what the design of the freehand will be. I will create a design of my own on GIMP (freeware Photoshop) following the tutorial I wrote here.

And here's my creation for this time.

As you can see, I tried to maintain coherency with the motifs found in the prince of Tribute to the Fallen. Basically, we are talking about the star from the High Elves, the colours in the background, and the lion motif of the back. Its a pretty simple design.

With the design done, I print it in the exact size of the banner.

I cut and paste the banner design to an airbrush template.

Now I need to cut the different shapes of the design. Remember you need to divide the banner into different simple shapes which will be the ones you'll airbrush, and all the detailing will be done with a normal brush. So I divided this banner in three different areas. The first one would be the central motif, which in the front part is the whole star, and in the back part is the lion head. The second part is the area covered by blue stripes and the third part is the area covered by the grey/blue striples.

So that's what I'll do now. I will cut the star shape, and also the shape of one of the colours of the stripes. The other stripes will use the colour which I will airbrush as background of the other. Take a look at the photos because the process is easier to be seen than to be explained.

Cutting out the star from the airbrush templates.

This is what we end up, its a transparent template, thats why its difficult to appreciate it in the photo.

I need to do the same with one of the colours of the stripes. Doesn't matter which one of them, but take that choice into consideration when colouring the background of the stripes later. I also need a template for the lion head.

Now that I have all the templates, I prime the banner in white, Gunze Sangyo airbrushed.

Then I airbrush the whole banner with the turquoise blue of the star and the lion head. I could have primed directly in this turquoise, but I wanted the extra resistance which the Gunze Sangyo white priming gives me, and then give the base in any other colour.

I put the template of the star on the banner.

And I airbrush with one of the colours of the stripes. This will be the background colour of the other stripes. I previously cut out the shape of the white stripes, so that's why I now use the other stripes colour as the background.

Same with the back part of the banner, but in this case, I airbrushed turquoise, then put the lion head and then airbrush the blue of the stripes.

Now I put on the shape of the white stripes.

And prime in some king of ochre, Conferedate Grey from Andrea Colour.

The same in the back part. And then it's time to retire all the templates! Let's see the overall effect on the standard bearer.

Next step, detail the banner. Stay tuned!

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