Thursday, April 7, 2011

Painting with... Elías Alonso (Morsa)

Today I start a new series of articles in the blog, "Painting with...". These articles will consist of interviews with painting and modelling artists throughout the world. I hope this will help you know a bit more about the extraordinary people behind all these little art pieces you can see in my blog and in all the internet.

The first interview is with one of my best friends and master, Elías Alonso (a.k.a. Morsa). Elías is one of the best painters we have currently in Spain. I talk a lot about him in my blog because he is usually behind the creation of many of the miniatures you see here, however, not everyone is familiar with Elías or his work. In this interview I will try to introduce you to this master painter.

V: I'll start the interview with the inevitable question about history. When did you start painting and how did you learn?

Elías: I started painting in 1991 when on a trip to England to learn English I ended up entering a GW store. I came out of the shop with my first box of space marines and a few paintings. When I became a teenager I left the hobby for some years. One day by chance my neighbour bought a box of High Elves and I was encouraged to play. Of course I chose a race which would be as different as the elves as possible and began to collect a beautiful army of Orcs and Goblins. I never finished painting it but I know that thanks to them I learned the basics.

V: Who do you think are the painters who most influenced your painting?

Elías: Julio Cabos and Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee), no doubt about that. I appreciate the correction of the first, the technique and the variety of different styles that he is able to resolve successfully. Creativity of the second over all.

V: About your personal way of painting, what would you say is the most characteristic thing?

Elías: That I usually don't paint the back of the miniatures. I would have excelled at painting plain miniatures.

V: Which miniature do you consider as your best work?

Elías: Today, Sgt. Connor from Andrea's new Sci-fi line, because it was something I never imagined I could do.

V: We know that since a long time ago you've been collaborating with many companies. What is miniature painting for you, a hobby or a job?

Elías: Currently a job.

V: What do you like the most, modelling or painting?

Elías: Painting, I feel much more free when painting but I recognize that modelling has many rewarding things too.

V: Historical or Fantasy?

Elías: Fantasy, Science Fiction to be more precise.

V: Currently, in what projects are you working on? Which are the next miniatures you will be painting? Do you plan on going to any important contest in 2011?

Elías: I have been thinking lately of doing something on experimenting with chrome effects. I will try to make it to the spanish Golden Demon because for me its most fun as I know many people there. Other contests? Torrent in May and maybe GD France and GD UK.

V: In the spanish Golden Demons your nickname (Morsa) is often cheered by the painting crowd. But you do not have much activity on the internet and people know little of your work. Why do you think people who know you personally are so fond of you?

Elías: Because I win a lot on short distances! No, I'm joking. I guess because I like helping people around me. It's like when I started helping people with our friend Francisco Espiga (Narnia Boy). I remember one time we gave painting classes to kids in exchange for an invitation to a Chinese restaurant afterwards. We called this "painting for rice" and had a great time just teaching people the few things we knew then.

V: And finally, the question that everyone is asking themselves right now. How have you managed to stand all this time the creator of this blog and his nonsense? Do you think his case is hopeless?

Elías: (laughs) I suppose that this is because he is a person smart enough to compensate for the annoying he can be sometimes. Currently, medicine has advanced so much that there must be some kind of remedy. Maybe if they give him a slayersword someday he will calm for a few days...

Thanks for your time Elías!

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My thanks to both of you! Interesting and inspirational