Saturday, April 9, 2011

Impressions after some painting classes

The last class of the painting courses I've been giving lately in Madrid was last April 2. After these 4 classes with each of the two groups formed (it was quite a job to agree in the dates of all but in the end we made it) I think we have laid the foundations of a new generation of painters, sure we'll see more than one of them emerging in no time.

Look how concentrated they are

These few days have been very constructive and I hope the students have been able to learn a great part of the things we talked about (not everything because I understand that everything is very complicated). For starters, if I managed to leave in their subconscious mind my now famous phrase "the brush flat and do not insist" I think I am pretty satisfied. Anyway, I expect and hope to see many of them in events to come and see what they have learned. Who knows, maybe we will compete in some category! It's time to et some paint and practice and practice and practice. I hope I have set the basics... the limit is now up to them!

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