Sunday, September 23, 2012

Golden Demon UK 2012

Games Day and Golden Demon UK is finished now, and it was very nice to be able to see the event, the authentic 100% nerdiest Games Workshop congregation. The day was intense and lots of stuff to do and see, very overwhelming. Regarding the stuff that concerns us, the Golden Demon contest, for those who do not know much about GD UK, I'll tell them that it is indeed the event with the highest number of participants in the world. The painting level is not as high as the ones we see in other events in Europe, and the style GW favours in their event is quite different from the one predominant in other countries. Probably this is one of the reasons why many of the painters we know in UK have not been attending the event this year. But let's go directly into the photos.

These are photos I took once the registration closed, only from the cabinets where the finalists where placed, and only of those miniatures that I found interesting for some reason. There were many many more but I'm just showing you the ones I liked from the ones I saw at that moment (there were some that were being photographed or judged at that time).

And these are the photos I took once the winners where separated from the rest of the miniatures. Obviously some photos are repeated from the last ones.
Gold in Single 40k
Silver in Single 40k, Angelo Di Chello
Bronze in Single 40k
Gold in Open
Silver in Open
Bronze in Open
Gold in Squad 40k
Silver in Squad 40k
Bronze in Squad 40k
Gold in Monster 40k
Silver in Monster 40k
Bronze in Monster 40k
Gold in Single Fantasy, Benoit Menard
Silver in Single Fantasy
Bronze in Single Fantasy, Angelo Di Chello
Gold in Unit Fantasy
Silver in Unit Fantasy
Bronze in Unit Fantasy
Gold in Monster Fantasy
Silver in Monster Fantasy
Bronze in Monster Fantasy
Gold in diorama, Karol Rudyk
Silver in diorama, Maz Wiernikowski
Bronze in diorama, Mario Delgado
Gold in duel
Silver in duel
Gold in LOTR
Silver in LOTR
Bronze in LOTR
And this is the Slayersword from UK 2012 by Karol Rudyk, very fair winner in my opinion! That's all from the UK!


Mario 2012 said...

Gracias por las fotos Rafa...Una autentica pasada conoceros en persona y no solo en GD pero tambien en Euro...

Coloured Dust said...

Thanks for the photos!

Mario 2012 said...
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Maz said...

The titan was by me- Maz Wiernikowski (winterdyne)

Muskie said...

I too like the overall winner, but I liked a lot of the Bronze models too. No Bronze for duel?

Unknown said...

Hey :)

It was great meeting you at GD UK!
Just wanted to let you know that I have a link collection with videos and a few hundred (thousand?) pictures online now. Check it out ;)

harald said...

great stuff, thx for posting all those pics


mastershaper said...
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mastershaper said...

Is it possible to download all the photos or watch them on a Photobucket album? PS: same for Euromilitaire 2012! Thanks!!!

Rafael García Marín said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for watching! You make it all possible!

mastershaper: here you can see the photos coverage of the latest events I've been to:

idPainters said...

Just added my UK Demons pictures to blog if would like to take look.
Cheers ijee.Dave