Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moving some paints out

I've been dedicating a lot of time to the hobby lately, and that has been great because it let me progress with the dragon, which is quite unusual. However, September has now come and so does my new life in a new appartment, so I'm in the process of moving stuff. I thought it would be straightforward because I don't have many posessions (clothes and miniature related stuff mainly), but it turned out that there are a lot of miniature related things I have to order and transport. So it might take some time (I hope not too many!).

    This has made me realize how many paintpots I have... there's another box filled with old Citadel ones too...

But don't worry, the Dragon is progressing as it should, so expect some more WIP posts soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you guys this amazing photo I've seen on Facebook lately, which is supposed to be from the award ceremony in the newly created Golden Demon Japan.

    It's true, the dissappointment face is absolutely priceless

I think this photo needs no further comments on my part...

Well, even though the photo is absolutely incredible, it has a reason. In Japan, the law against weapons is so strict that they do not allow GW to give a sword as a trophy. So if you are Japanese, GW instead of giving you one Slayersword, will keep an engraved sword in the GW HQ in Nottingham so you can always visit them and touch it if you want. Amazing. Fortunately this does not happen if you're not japanese!

More on the strange case of the japanese paper Slayersword

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Paul D. said...

The photo gallery of the winning entries is now up on Games Workshop's website:

The event was small but terrific fun. I'll be going back next year.