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WIP: High Elf Dragonlord Part 6

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But before moving on the arms, I start some parallel work on the rider. First I want the final head, which is one of the most important elements. As I said, I'm going to use the face of the bandage but I'm going to model an elven helmet on top, and it will need some serious modelling work (at least very detailed).

Here's the first attempt on the head. I cut off the bandage and then model the eyes and front.

I leave it and then go back to it and I realize I did it badly. The eyes were too high so I decide to do it again.

This one is much better. I will model the eyes and the rest of the skull and then do the helmet on top. Let's start with the rest of the rider at the same time.

I need to position the arms finally before introducing some putty on them, so I put some wires and start moving them around (with the head fixed with some blu-tack to see how it looks like).

And I'll test it on top of the dragon, including some temporary wires to see how the reins would look like.

Ok, I think I'm pretty satisfied with the pose of the rider. Notice the lion head on the left arm! However, it is at this point of the sculpting when I realise that the neck of the dragon is too long. I was warned by some people but I didn't want to listen, and now it's very very evident. I have to fix that by shortening the neck, just taking out the lenght of two armour scales. In the next photo I have cut them off, and I use some green stuff to reattach the neck to the torso.

In that green stuff gap, I model the armour scale again to fit the union.

And back to refitting the neck to the torso (remember some steps back?). I use maskol for the temporary union and then putty over it to make it final.

This is how it looks like once it has been shortened. I think it's much better now.

The head was the elf one, the other one is still under some putty work so before I finish it I will use this one for the pose studies. Also, notice the new position of the axe. Now the rider grabs it closer to the blades and the pose is different. I will need to redo the axe for this new idea.

I'll start with the scales on the arms. Similar to what I did on the legs.

The method is this: I take some little balls of putty and I put them over the skin.

Once I have a few of them, I use a clay shaper to transform the balls into scales. I could do the process scale by scale, but this is much faster.

It reminds me of the old lizardmen!

The scales are too similar, I'll make some of them bigger.

But in the meantime here's one of the horns in the back. I use some wire to ensure it stays still.

Now I make the scales bigger. You might notice the difference if you look carefully enough.

Let's see how it looks like with the rider on top. Notice how I started the arm, but I'm afraid I will have to change that.

Stay tuned for more!

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Ver_Bla said...

This project is just too awesome! Keep up the good work, I'm really interested in seeing it finished and check your blog daily for new posts ;)

It inspires me to breakdown my already built HE dragon and remodel it too ;)