Friday, September 28, 2012

WIP: High Elf Dragonlord Part 8

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The axe needed some fixing. With all the work I've been doing on the rider, I broke it. So let's do it again. First, I get a pole from another axe of a high elf, and then drill and glue some wire.

I leave enough wire so that the front part will also attach (obviously in this photo there's far too much, but always better to have spare and then cut, because once cut you cannot go back).

This is the front part attached. I'm starting to realize that such a big axe and so close to the chest might look weird.

Let's take a look at how it's looking so far, with the rider on top.

At this point, time is running out, so the process starts to be more chaotic and I'm going to mix painting and modelling at the same time. Why? Because the pose of the rider is still not convincing, but while converting the rider, I can start work con the base and dragon. So what I'm going to do now, is mask the sides of the base so I can prime it without changing the natural black of the plastic. This way, I won't have to paint it black in the end.

I'm going to prime everything in white. As usual, with Gunze Sangyo matt white using airbrush. It's a big piece so it takes some time to do this.

I said I wasn't convinced with the rider, so while priming the dragon, I break the different parts of him that determine the pose. Basically, right arm and torso union to the legs.

Also, priming thin at first is very important, because once the entire piece is covered in the same colour, you'll see all those little flaws you couldn't see while modelling and converting. In this case, there was a lot of imperfections in the unions of different mixes of putty and also, Milliput from my fingers had been slowly depositing on the flat areas of the armour in the back of the dragon, and the priming revealed it. So I use a knife to scrap it all.

After that, to ensure that all is clean before the final priming, I wash everything with soap and water.

You must be familiar by now with this classical volomir WIP photo. Drying in my towel!

I also continued the work on the rider, basically reposing all those elements I talked about, and took off one half of the axe's blade, because it was definitely a problem. I think it looks much better now.

I'm still not convinced with the rider though. He leans forward and doesn't seem like pulling the reins. I still have to rework on that.

Come on, we are getting closer!

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Unknown said...

Great to see more progress, the pose of the rider looks really good. Also I hadn't thought about time scales, is this planned for the French GD?

Unknown said...
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-Matt Cexwish- said...

I think it´s interesting to see how the Elf is dominating the Dragon like the Creature that it is... I was always disgusted when I saw people treat Animals badly (using leashes to force their will upon them, showing no respect, using Animals for very dull tasks like guarding something not too important, etc. ...)... My Next Diorama will be dealing with this Topic too: An Shackled, broken Beast... The Muse kissed me yesterday and it will be ABSOLUTELY Fantastic this time, I guarantee...:)...

For you, Dear Volomir, only the Best, more time then you think and: A lot of Patience painting all this... It looks Great! I think if you paint it up to your usual Standard you might get trouble getting home with all that additional Luggage...^_^... Mind my Words!

Ethelie said...

magic towel makes everything golden. looking good :)