Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Roman&Raffa are certainly MASSIVE!

Ever since I saw their crowdfunding initiative, I knew there was something really cool going on. Look what I just picked up from the post!

These guys are sexy!

This is the first initiative that I know of to create something like this. I know that it must have been a huge nightmare for Raffa and Roman because the crowdfunding exceeded all expectations and making a book of this TREMENDOUS QUALITY with so much attention to detail is incredibly difficult. But all the effort and suffering has finally come to an end and we can all enjoy this wonderful book. It is a true honour for me to have it at home, I will cherish it and go through its pages every night before I go to sleep.



Unknown said...

Awesome! I guess the good thing about still waiting for our books is that we can be full of anticipation! :D

Anonymous said...

Que tal rafa, una pregunta, creo a verte leido que trabajas en una traduccion, es posible conseguir en un futuro una copia de ese libro en español??

Rafael García Marín said...

La traducción para la que estaba trabajando era para los DVDs que va a sacar Painting Buddha en los que Ben Komets y yo pintamos una serie de figuras, y saldrán dentro de no mucho.
Estos libros son básicamente una galería de figuras de estos señores de Massive Voodoo, y creo que no se pueden conseguir de ninguna forma que no sea habiendo participado en su campaña de crowdfunding. Si quieres un libro de estos supongo que tienes que contactar con ellos. :) Que esté en inglés o español da igual porque prácticamente son todo imágenes.