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WIP: High Elf Dragonlord Part 9

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The process from this point starts to get a bit chaotic. Too many things uncertain lead to many different lines of work at the same time. I will start painting but also find that the sculpture needs retouching... and the base... well, the base would need a whole separate story. The next two chapters will tell stories of failure and sttubornness. You'll see...

Time for the priming of base and dragon.

Once primed in white, I'm going to give the base a little coat of black so that it takes better the brownish dark colours that I'm going to use on it.

The process in the base is simple, but complicated at the same time. I want to create sea waves crashing in the rock, and that will be an effect which might be difficult to achieve. Even so, the process should be simple. First I will paint the whole base with the rock colours, and all the elements in the scenery. Then I will use resin water to create the water on top of that. The colours in the base are not a big problem because they will probably be covered by the water. So, first brown base with Dark Brown from Andrea, all airbrushed.

Adding blues and greens to the mix, and also different quantities of black to create the first shadows.

Some reds also will work well.

And more blacks.

I'll get some of the light back by airbrushing with some lighter ocre.

I am using some blue and green inks from Andrea in some areas.

Let's look at the dragon primed white on top of the painted brown base.

Let's see how the rider looks on top of the dragon.

It looks cool, but it's not exactly what I am looking for. The rider does not really look like pulling the reins. So even though I already primed the dragon, seems like the rider needs some more adjustments. The head of the rider is not fixed to the body, so I can play with it (which is very important because it will provide all strength and weight to the pose). The left arm however, needs some modifications, and it is fixed to the body. So here I decide that the best thing to do is redo the whole left arm.

And with the wire of the left arm exposed, I can see that the right arm is only a bit odd. I need to change that one also. Shit happens.

But it's not so bad. It shouldn't be a lot of work. Here's the left arm redone.

And here's how the guy looks on top, with both arms redone.

Ok, now the guy has way more strength in the pulling of the reins, but still, there's something wrong. I believe it's the legs, too straight. Nobody said this would be easy!

The left leg will bend slightly, so that we suggest that all the weight of the left side of the rider is on the left arm pulling the reins, and not on the leg. The left leg is actually loose, so the rider's weight is basically sustained by the right leg and the left arm pulling the rein.

Because of what I just said, the right arm might need to also bend a little bit. But I'm not sure about that. That is why I'm going to move on to work on something else while I decide.

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