Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spring Angel 2013: Teaser of the full experience review

And so I'm back from Moscow and Spring Angel 2013!

Winter Angel was "cooler" but I certainly prefer "warmth" :P

I think words cannot express enough my feelings and emotions towards this truly unique weekend in Russia.

Victorious Volomir receives deserved mockery from brush legend Kirill Kanaev (Yellow One, considered by many the best Fantasy painter in the world)

I was told this contest was one of a kind, but I had to experience it with my own eyes to really believe it. Rival to Crystal Brush in big prizes, it definitely has no rival in what a painting event should be. Very carefully and wonderfully organized by Katy and Sergey, the most beautiful and amazing couple of all times, Spring Angel had painters treated like true Rock stars. People are constantly fed and taken care of, and are able to attend great masterclasses, interviews, and see awesome miniatures. And everything is free to all attendees.

The best people you can find in Russia

With these characteristics, there is no need to say that Spring Angel is the way to go for painting contests. As Michael Bartels said, "The Champions League of all Painting Competitions". So far this year, Painting Crusade and Spring Angel... it will be really tough to top these two!

"Chiaroscuro" painting.

This post is only a little teaser of my soon to come complete report. I want to share with you everything that happened so that you can get a little glimpse of the russian magnificence.

My incredible harvest for this Spring (Angel)

And obviously I will show some new stuff presented... ;)


Unknown said...

Awesome!!!!! I am glad I was a part of it :)

Midnight Miniatures said...

Congrats Rafa! If you repeat the experience the next year, I will be there with you!. ;)