Monday, June 24, 2013

Spring Angel 2013: Full Experience Review Part 2

And now it's time for the second part of the review of the Spring Angel 2013 experience!

Wow! And there's even a second part to the Spring Angel 2013 review!

Obviously the miniatures are the reason behind the Spring Angel. And behind every other contest, for sure. But when the contest itself ends, and the miniatures are no longer the stars of the movie, it's when the real magic begins. You've seen this in other events earlier this year such as The Painting Crusade. When we reach this point it's when everything makes sense. All the hard work from Katy and Sergey, all the hours of painting from all the participants, the neverending bureaucracy to get the visa to enter Russia, the 5 hour flight inconvenience...

This, my friends, is the graphic collection of reasons why...
A true puzzle to get all my minis to Moscow!
Russian feast at Katy&Sergey's
Of course, everything is watered with Vodka and Bourbon
Celebrating Russian style
The hotel holding the event
Auditorium before the doors opened
Ben Komets the happy guy
Matt & Girlfriend cuddling
Astonished Matt
Fake discussion between judges
The holy judge trinity
Jose has a question for the painting demo
View from the painting demo table
Matt reviews the paints
Jose behaving like a true spaniard at the free breakfast
Moscow streets
Ben Komets
Katy, always connected
And talking on the phone
Matt & Girlfriend happy to be in Moscow
Proof of Russian dress codes
Kremlin tower
Being cool painters in Moscow
Matt's Girlfriend (I DO know her name but I will never say it!)
Dmitry "Lynx"
Jose visiting the Kremlin chapels
Kremlin chapels
More Kremlin chapels
Super Cannon
Not so super cannons
Inside the Kremlin
Ben is threatened
Matt manipulated his girlfriend into killing Ben
Jose breaks a giant bell at the surprise gaze of a young Russian girl
Moscow signs (fortunately some English)
Matt's Girlfriend
Entering the Red Square
Matt's understanding of Russian
Russian statue reading on his iPad
A McDonald's Big Mac ad in Russian
Moscow luxury malls
Being all touristy
Matt's girlfriend
Me in front of St. Nicholas basilica
Playing Kremlin gives you two sad faces (tribute for nerds of Through the Ages)
Jose&Ben&Me and St. Nicholas basilica
The youngsters at St. Nicholas basilica
The treason of the polish
Lenin's mausoleum
The Kremlin walls
The huge Red Square
Yes, turn right (in Russian)
Danger! Gas death! (in Russian)
Matt's girlfriend against paparazzi
Matt and girlfriend surprised by paparazzi
The group surprised by paparazzi
The real paparazzi pic
Desperation in front of Kirill's masterpieces
Studying and learning from the master
Katy showing a teaser of their Warhammer armies collection
Ben's emotion to the big surprise
Me at the verge of crying
Too much vodka breaks glasses
The difficult decision
Post contest award ceremony
The real best of show ceremony
The real best of show
Being all stupid&drunk
My harvest of Spring Angel
Thanks to all the people who made the Spring Angel 2013 possible. Our best wishes go to Katy and Sergey and all his family and friends. See you next year for sure!


Unknown said...

Oh man, next time I will stay an extra day :D

Awesome pics, Rafa!

MrLee said...

These are the photos that you normally only see on Facebook, and only to close friends.. Thanks for sharing these with us! And yes to Summer Angel 2014!!!

Anonymous said...

Did I really read 3st Place on the Bronze Angel??

Rafael García Marín said...

Wow! I didn't even notice that! Hahaha that's so cool :P

Katy said...

Hey Rafa!

You would not believe it, but I got the chance to read your fantastic review on our contest just now! One month exactly after it actually hnappened - but nonetheless, it brought me great joy and appreciation! Thank you very much for all the kind words and we are very happy you enjoyed your visit to The Spring Angel 2013! We hope to see you on our next contest, or somewhere else in the world - you are a fantastic person and it was a great pleasure to meet you! Katy