Friday, July 12, 2013

And yet more on the Spring Angel 2013

The fabulous organization of the Spring Angel is still surprising us.

The dream judge team formed by Ben Komets, Matt Cexwish and Jose Palomares has published a really nice PDF file with all the results of the Spring Angel contest. But this PDF is nothing ordinary! It contains not only the names and photos of the winner miniatures, but also a very detailed explanation on the judges decisions and opinions, which I find extremely useful!

Check it out!

Isn't it great? Well look at what they had to say about my little pieces:

Wow! I'm flattered! And the bad comments are that it's out of the box and that it has no relation to the contest theme? In my defense I'll say that it's not really out of the box (it has a tiny minor conversion) and that I didn't know there was a contest theme. :)

I agree completely! Those faces need some more love!

I am so happy!

I really find these details (and all the others I already commented) as the things that make a contest as cool as this one. This is what I call caring!

And even more on this contest: there is a podcast in Spanish from the blog Laserburn in which I collaborate every month. The July program was dedicated to the Spring Angel, and in it, David Rodríguez "Karaikal", Pablo López "Paloji" and I commented all the aspects of this amazing contest. If you happen to know Spanish very well, it's certainly worth checking it out!

See you in the Summer Angel next year!


Denniz said...

Congrat´s to your miniatures. They really look awsome!

Bliz said...

Great minis Volomir, especially Achilles!
Can u guide me what colors have u used to paint purple/violet parts of armor?
I were thinking about painting my Tohaa miniatures in that way, but i would use more green instead of blue:]

Rafael García Marín said...

If I remember correctly it's Liche Purple from Citadel old range, mixed with Space Wolves Grey for lights, and shadows have red and black, and also inks. I will post better photos soon, I hope very soon!