Monday, July 22, 2013

Proudly presenting the Painting Buddha DVD season 1

Finally all the waiting has come to an end!


Painting Buddha (with my very very special collaboration) PRESENT...


Wow, there's even a sexy trailer!

DVD #6 chapters menu

If you follow this blog (as of course you should) you must know what this is by now. We are talking about a 6 DVD pack (yes, 6 DVD) where Ben Komets and I paint the same scene and show you all the details of the process on camera. More precisely, three cameras, because not only will you see what a camera pointing to our super handsome faces shows, but also the action from other two cameras, one for all the details in the miniatures and another one for the palette.

Awesome three window screens so you don't miss any action

Real screenshots from the DVD!

The scene to be painted in this first season of the Painting Buddha DVDs is this one:

Two visions of the same scene

It features Brad and Yanet, two deadly assasins from a distant future, waiting on a rooftop to engage on their next target. There are three DVDs for each painter (Ben and I) so I'm sure you won't miss any detail. But if that wasn't enough, the DVD pack comes with Brad and Yanet so you can paint them following the DVD, or in any way you feel like. The miniatures are designed so you can let your imagination fly free and create whatever comes to your mind.

These two miniatures are very juicy

Ben painting his favourite parts

This announcement comes with a lot of happiness, pride and satisfaction. Countless hours where put into the making of this DVD (no animals were harmed) and the search for perfection in the material led to have to repeat the whole recording of the DVD entirely. This means that poor Ben had to paint the entire scene nearly three times!

Poor Ben nearly cries thinking all the hours of painting he put into the DVD

I can only say thank you to the Painting Buddha crew, it has been an awesome experience. I had a lot of fun and I'm confident that you guys watching will learn (whatever your painting level there's always something to pick up) and also enjoy all the crazy hours of painting.

Full zoom to watch every detail in all its glory!

If you want to pick up your set (funny thing, while stocks last) don't wait any longer and fly over to! You will be able to purchase the basic 6 DVD set together with Brad and Yanet for only 42€ (check out similar products and compare for yourself, it's an unbeatable price if you ask me). And if you really like what's going on in the Bruddhahood, support us and get the full 84€ super bundle experience with tons of extra goodies and super cool stuff. Can't wait to receive mine!

The sexy supporter pack

And for all my spanish and german speaking friends, I have good news! The DVDs are all audio recorded in english (the best Ben and I could do) but we made the huge effort of translating all the subtitles into our own mother tongues. So not only is all the material subtitled in English, but also German and Spanish. I personally did all the subtitling in Spanish so if you find any mistakes in that area you can always blame me!

What are you waiting for?!

This is just the beginning. Season 1 is out! I can't wait to see what's next from our favourite painting guru. Buddhalicious!


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Bacms said...

So annoyed I am no longer getting paid. As soon as I finish my PhD and get a salary again I will hopefully still manage to pick this up. Really wish you guys good luck with it, it is an awesome idea that I hope the community really gets behind it

Unknown said...

just put my order in for one, looking forward to watching six DVDs of paint drying

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I would just like to know if you can ship over here in the Philippines.

Thanks a lot.


Visionary Art of Jalai Lama said...

I have been experimenting with Buddha paintings for well over 15 years. It takes a lot of patience but the result is always worth the wait. You can check em out here: