Monday, July 29, 2013

Golden Demon USA 2013

The first Golden Demon of this year 2013 was celebrated this past Saturday. It was GD USA, in Memphis, Tennessee.


Golden Demon USA is supposed to be a call to brushes to all painters in the USA, and Europeans normally leave it aside, since we already have a bunch of Golden Demons happening every year in Europe. But perhaps this year, being as it is unusually short of Golden Demons, it has seen some participation from people of this side of the ocean. My friends from Painting Buddha, Ben and Michael, and also my neighbour Octavio (from Madrid, Spain) and Reka from Russia.

Ben, Reka and Octavio

They have performed quite well in american land. Gold for Ben, Gold and 3 bronzes for Reka and 4 demons (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze) for Octavio. Quite a treasure hunt!

This was the miniature that was awarded Slayersword (pretty bad photo but the best so far):

Slayersword USA 2013

You will be able to see photos from the event all around Facebook, in the Spanish Team Forum post by Octavio, and stay tuned to because I'm sure that Michael will elaborate a big report around the event.

So what's your opinion on the outcome of this year's GD season opener?


Anonymous said...

Muy buenas, Rafa, Esta tarde espero poder contaros más cosas. Aparte, ¿Sabes quién es la persona de "La Taberna de Laurana" que ha puesto el post? Lo digo porque ha copiado lo que puse en el ST letra por letra sin indicar al menos la fuente

Rafael García Marín said...

Anda... ni había visto el foro macho... yo lo he sacado de La Taberna pero evidentemente es tuyo jaja. Vale, modifico! :)