Tuesday, July 2, 2013

First edition of El Pincel de Acero

The guys in El Círculo de Terra, Wikihammer 40k, Fanhammer and others (Spanish hobby associations) have organized an interesting initiative which I'm sure will be interesting to all (especially Spanish painters).

It's El Pincel de Acero. An online contest which in its first edition promises some juicy prizes (miniatures, discount coupons, t-shirts...) and with categories very similar to those of a Golden Demon. And I will be part of the jury! The deadline to sign in for the contest (it needs signing in before the contest, the painting can be done after, until September) has been postponed to July 14 so you are still on time if you want to participate!

Also I remind you that I will be imparting an express painting course (in Spanish) on July 13, Saturday in Madrid. That means you can come to the contest and then sign in to the Pincel de Acero because you will still be on time! :)

Good luck to all!

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