Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Golden Demon Germany 2013 Part 3

And now it's time to share some photos which are not from the contest, but rather of the trip. In the end, as we all know, this is the most important part, and it's what gives it all sense.

GD Germany is for me the best in this aspect. Köln is an absolutely genious location, and the Gürzenich (where the GD is celebrated) is situated in the most funpart of the city, close to the river and surrounded by lots of places to eat, drink and visit. In the shore of the Rhein river people gather with their beers, and the ambience is unique. This is what you will find in the next photos.

Because a GD like this one is nothing without its people:

  • Like the ones who generously shared their home with us, Philip (a very happy man with his Silver in Monster, what a freehand he created on the banner) and Mareike (I hope that our visit did not stir the peace of the flat too much, Lily probably misses us now).
  • Or those who shared those sacred days of painting, Philip, Manuel (the crazy Wanker), Valérie (our favourite french girl), Roman (the jungle chief), Bene (the little one) and Raffa (who never let me paint while trying to see my entries before he was supposed to).
  • Or my Berlin friends and Painting Buddhas, Benito (able to paint a Fantasy Unit in a couple of days and defeat you without messing his hairdo), Michael (the authentic master[of]minis), Mati (our favourite rasta), Matt (still wishing for some Cex), Mo (the great discovery whose wedding I won't miss for nothing in the world).
  • Or our friends of the other side of the channel, John (unhappy without 1.5 litre beers), Conrad (who needs to stop forgetting minis on trains), the Griffins (the nerdiest couple you can find), Gus (the happiest artist all around).
  • Or many many others... in Germany (Lukas, Georg, Steffen), or Italy (Matteo), or Poland (Karol, Adam, Micha), or Denmark (Mikkel), or Belgium (my Painting Crusade friends), or French (Christian), or Swedish (Stefan), or Russian (Anna), or Spanish (Julio), or many many others I'm shamefully forgetting now...
  • And of course... ¡MORSA!

Ich liebe dich alle! Specially Der Frühstuck deine Mutter...

Elías' representation of me before arriving in Köln (that's me, my dragon, some currywurst, and the notion that I still had a lot to paint)
Workbench at Phil's, Deutsche style, Becks+pizza
Pee and Poo but never standing
Little did we know that the blue ones were Alkohol-Frei (EPIC FAIL)
Marneus Morse
Marneus Prinz
Marneus Lappat
GD winners were called and separated in a room behind the scenario. Roman waiting for the sword. Tension in the air!
Another of the waiting room
Beers in the river with the greatest man ever to walk the streets of Berlin... Mo!
East side vs West side, or Augsburg vs Berlin, or Massive Voodoo vs Painting Buddha, and me in the middle!
That was truly awesome guys! Bene, Raffa, Roman, Matt, Ben, Mati, Mo!
Elías with Gus, the happy dude! He's the best!
Trying to get the White Dwarf guys to put my photo in the magazine

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