Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's time for Golden Demon Germany 2013


Köln Dom, yesterday at 2 AM. AWESOME.

Yes sir, we are back in Köln to pay a visit to our beloved Golden Demon Germany. I haven't been talking much about it in the blog lately (or about any other thing really) but this is because I've been SWARMED with painting for this contest. So obviously, expect new stuff from me when I get back. I still have to post stuff that I entered in the Spring Angel in June, but I just didn't have time to take the photos (also some of those entries are coming with me to the German GD, so it was better to keep them offline a little longer).

It is going to be for sure a marvellous weekend. I will enjoy the company of a lot of my german friends, which you all know is priceless. I will also be reunited with The Painting Buddha and the Massive Voodoo guys, all in the same place and time! And yes, I don't forget some last minute painting, very traditional for us spaniards.

Oh, and competition will be the hardest! With all those European GDs cancelled (Spain... snif...) I think this year we will see more painters than the usual in Germany. Cooooool.

2011, before Matt turned into an adult. Man, I love GD award ceremonies!

Let the fun begin! Feuer Frei!

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Aathos said...

Enhorabuena or los dos demonios, capeon!! Un merevido premio a tanta currada.