Thursday, August 22, 2013

WIP: High Elf Dragonlord Part 13

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Let's start with the wings. The sculpted texture of the plastic wings that come with the kit is absolutely awful, but there is no way I can fight against it with just paint, so it will just be better to follow the sculpted trend. I want to go with a ligther tone of the red used in the dragon.

The upper part of the wing segments will be the light areas and will be more red and magenta, the lower parts will be darker, using dark sea blue, green ink and blue ink.

Even so, the wings need some more texture following the same pattern sculpted.

Seems easy but it's a very time consuming process. The wings are really big!

After lining all the texture with brush, I will airbrush on top with the same colours as in the beginning, which will show the texture underneath. This is the difference between a wing that has the texture finished (left) and one that is still lacking the airbrush on top (right).

So now it's time to see how they look with the rest of the dragon.

They turned out a little grey, so it might be interesting to bring in more colour. Maybe some turquoise in the mid tones (in the wing that hasn't been completed).

Apparently the turquoise (left wing) is pretty interesting. I works well with all the other colours in the dragon.

Let's use it a bit more, and maybe even suggest some kind of weird light effect in the upper edges of the inner wings. It looks much more interesting.

I will do the same on the inside, but it will help if I paint the wing frames, scales and so on. Using lightspots will increase definition.

The wings are a very tiring process. Maybe it would be nice to start the work on the rider for a change.

It's time to finally fix the position of the rider, and the head is extremely important.

At this stage, I realized that the lion cloak looked really sloppy. Too much hair with that quality would be a real pain to paint. Let's take the hair off and do a real lion cloak.

With the putty I'm using to sculpt the new lion cloak I finish a couple of crabs in the base, these details really make a difference.

And this is the new lion cloak. Paws in the air with help with the cinematics of the rider's movement.

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