Thursday, August 15, 2013

Announcing The Dragon Week

To celebrate the outcome of the incredible Golden Demon Germany 2013, starting Monday 19 and for the whole week, Volomir's Blog will hold The Dragon Week!

Have you been following the neverending WIP: High Elf Dragonlord and you can't wait to see how it ends? Or you have never read any chapter but you want to know how the dragon was created? Do you want to see the final photos of the High Elf Dragonlord? Next week we will reveal the final 5 chapters of the whole creation process. You have the whole weekend to check the previous chapters, don't miss any detail!

Here's the list from the WIP section, copied for you to read all those chapters again.

One chapter every day of The Dragon Week!

The whole Step by Step Article will be completed by the end of the week, and all will be posted altogether in one big post, together with the final photos. And after that, Swordmasters, Achilles, the Kasrkin Sergeant... oh man, wasn't August a holiday month? :D

Do not miss The Dragon Week. Only here, on Volomir's Blog.


Unknown said...

*biting my nails in anticipation*

Mario 2012 said...

Oh yeah!!!