Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Golden Demon Italy 2013 Slayersword winner

The last Golden Demon of 2013 was celebrated last weekend in Modena, Italy. As you all have been hearing, quite an important date because the uncertainty around Games Days all over the globe is very high, and for many people this could be the last GD outside of UK ever seen in Europe? Let's hope not...

From what we read around the internet it seems true that the event was quite disheartening in the sense that the space for the Games Day was very big compared to the amount of people, which created the sensation of very few attendance. That, together with the latest opinions on Games Day UK, and the feeling that GW is destroying their brand, has filled the internet with negative comments.

Anyway, apart from the usual GW commercial fluff of late, Golden Demon was celebrated as usual, and as usual we have new controvery to talk about. This is the winner of Slayersword Italy 2013, a beautiful skeleton made by Martin Goumaz (Dreamit Miniatures):

Check out more entries from him in his website Dreamit Miniatures (where these photos were taken from).

You can see more photos of GD Italy and its participants in Sargeant Blackart's website.

So judging by what you see, what do you guys think? Well deserved? Weird judging? What would we do without Golden Demon! Controversy is served!

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