Thursday, October 24, 2013

Soldat de Plom 2013 - Pics of the Best of Show and some entries

Didn't I tell you guys that last weekend was filled with cool events and contests? My last post on them is this one, about El Soldat de Plom, the traditional contest in Girona.

Marc Masclans won the Best of Fantasy in Girona with this super cool Pirate Ork, one that was already taken to GD UK. Super awesome!

Marc Masclans' Ork Pirate, amazing!

Here are some other photos of interesting miniatures you could have seen in El Soldat de Plom this weekend.

More flags! Bring me more flags!

Sometimes I see Angelina...

We'll start seeing a lot of versions of this one

Dieguete's "Not Fall Today"

The incredible H&V bust by Dieguete (bad pic though)

Pedro Souto's Ultramarine, also seen in GD UK

You can see more photos in the post where I took the majority of them, in Juan Carlos Ávila Ribadas' blog. Those which weren't there were taken from their respective authors in the Spanish Team Forum.

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